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Understanding Medicare

When it comes to Medicare, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. What works for your neighbor may not be the best fit for you. Our agents at Premier Insurance Solutions are here to help you understand your needs, explain your options and make Medicare as simple as possible to understand.

Medicare is individual health insurance for U.S. citizens age 65 or older. People younger than age 65 with certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease may also qualify. The program is broken down into four parts. Medicare Part A and Part B are hospital and medical insurance covered by the federal government. Keep in mind that Medicare Part A and B do not cover all medical expenses or prescriptions.

You can go about getting additional coverage a few ways:

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Medicare Advantage combines Part A and Part B benefits of Medicare health plans and are offered by private insurance companies. These plans often include Part D (Prescription coverage) and additional benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, fitness and OTC medication.


MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT (Secondary to original Part A and B)

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (also known as Medi-Gap) will help fill in the gaps for that costs that Medicare doesn’t pick up such as copayments and deductibles.



Medicare prescription drug coverage is available through private insurance companies that are contracted by Medicare. These plans can accompany your Medicare Supplement insurance.

Important questions to consider:

Even with all these situations to consider, know that Premier Insurance Solutions takes your individual needs into consideration and will help guide you through this process. 

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